Ideas about the Best Dental Bones for Your Dog

27.02.18 09:35 PM By GabrielleDowd723aG


When you need to select dental bones for your pet, you need to be keen. You need to ensure the bones that you select for your pets are safe for their teeth considering the cost of tooth repair from dog dentist. To save cash that you would have used treating your pet, consider the following ideas about dental bones for your dog.


To reduce the risk of fracturing your dog's tooth when you feed them with dental bones, you need to avoid beef, bison shank and buffalo bones considering that such bones are harder than the dog's teeth. When you feed your dog with such bones, they are likely to get carried away with chewing the bones, and this only results in fracturing or cracking one of their teeth. Before you purchase raw dental bone for your dog for a cheaper amount, you need to check the long-term effect or cost. Your dog might seem to like big bones with bone marrow which might also be available on the cheap, but this might turn out to be expensive and painful to the pet owner.


Your dog's canines weren't intended to handle hard bone such as a cow's ankle, but it was rather designed to help your dog hunt softer meals such as rodents, rabbits, birds or goat bones. You need to ensure that you protect your pet from harm and ensure that the dental bone that you are feeding them cannot fracture their teeth. Check out VetIQ or read more about dental bone for dogs.


One also needs to ensure that they feed their pet with right-sized bones as this will be beneficial. When you feed your pet with the right size of bones, you can save a lot of cash by avoiding regular dental cleaning which requires anesthesia. When you are seeking the right dental bones for your dog, goat and lamb bones might be the ideal choice when fed for two times in a week. Such bones will have the level of hardness that works to keep the dog's teeth shiny while you can be sure that it isn't likely to cause you fractures.


You need to avoid feeding your dog with the junky dental bones as they might not achieve the intended purpose of feeding your dog with bones. The alternatives will have wheat, starch, and other artificial preservatives and they might do your dog more harm than good. Your pet is an important part of your family thus the need to help them get strong teeth through dental bones.  Continue reading more about this here: